1994 – 2017…


The restoration of Gwydir has been an enormous challenge. Other than a small grant from Cadw, we have funded the project ourselves. This has meant the work has progressed slowly but carefully, as and when funds allow. In coming to visit or stay at Gwydir, you are making a direct contribution towards its upkeep and restoration. Thank you!


The Dining Room


In 1921 Gwydir’s historic contents, including two panelled rooms were sold. The Dining Room and the Oak Parlour were bought by newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst (of Citizen Kane fame). Hearst was acquiring the finest historic interiors to furnish his various houses, including San Simeon, his mock castle in California. The fireplaces, panelling and door cases from both rooms were meticulously crated up and shipped to America. In 1995 we discovered Gwydir’s lost Dining Room languishing in a warehouse of the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Hearst had bequeathed it to the museum in 1956. Following lengthy negotiations, we were able to purchase the 17th century panelling, fireplace and door case from the museum and it finally returned to Gwydir (all six tons of it, in fourteen giant packing crates!), after its seventy-five year American exile. The restored Dining Room wing, with its reinstated panelling and folded leather frieze was opened by HRH Prince Charles in the summer of 1998. The search continues for the Oak Parlour…

Dining Room (After)


Over the years we have amassed a vast photo archive covering every aspect of the restoration. Shown below are just a few of the challenges we have faced, which give an idea of the complexity and scope of the work.